Hungry Wolf School

Did you know we have an online Master Class?...

The wolf pack is growing and is now International. Our flagship Course "how to build Architectural floating stairs" is live. I am so stoked with the response and all the legends that have joined the pack. All well on their way to epic results.

Jump in and become a master. Learn the right way, the Hungry Wolf way. 

Join the Wolf Pack - this information is not available anywhere else.

I'm finally able to educate you in the fine art of architectural concrete. 

For years I have been training people onsite and helping them expand their skills and offerings to clients and even start up their own businesses.

It has become my passion. Now I can share it with the whole world. 

With 20 years of industry experience Ollie Stephens HWS Director has a passion for design and construction. 
A perfectionist that demands the best, always. Take a look at some of our completed projects. 
"Nothing beats that feeling of bringing a plan or concept to life.
Chat to Ollie about your project, where you would like to take it and how the space is going to be used. We can create your vision. Let's collab.

Hungry Wolf Studio is at the forefront of concrete technology and offer only the highest quality products on the market.

Trusted by the best in the business to carry out highly detailed works.

With a keen eye and passion by the wheel barrow load. Hungry Wolf Studio should be the first and only choice for all your architectural concrete needs.
The team have been hand crafting architectural concrete elements for over 10 years so rest assured, We got you.
With the service to match our friendly and proficient approach, our clients are left  completely satisfied  and in love with whatever we create for them. With our small committed team of reliable and friendly tradesmen we know your experience with us will be a good one. 
Do it once, Do it properly. 


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We are trusted by only the very best Architects, Builders, Designers, Landscapers and Landscape Architects in Melbourne and across the Country.

We deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients expectations time after time.